Forest marveling

Day 11, July 25: 17.9 miles, total miles: 329.8 - all on trail Parks, Trails & Places of Significance: Dutch Miller Gap Trail 1030, Middle Fork Snoquamile Trail 1003, big trees, berries, Goldmyer hot springs, Gateway Bridge, Middle Fork campground A day of forest walking and marveling is easy to do when one's morning starts in towering … Continue reading Forest marveling

Tailwinds & headwinds

Day 4, July 18: 65.2 miles, total miles: 205.3 - bike on regional trail, city streets, and rural roads Parks, Trails, & Places of Significance: Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail, Thorp Fruit Stand (local nectarines!), Manastash Ridge, Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, Ellensburg Fred Myer (source of cold, delicious watermelon!) Today we biked from Cle Elum to … Continue reading Tailwinds & headwinds