Gear List

Scroll down for a detailed spreadsheet of what I carried with me on the CDT.

My pack’s base weight was about 12.5 pounds without food and water. Gabriel’s base weight was around 13 pounds and includes ~2 pounds of our tent system. We use a Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo, a single-wall, fully enclosed (bug free!), tent with enough room for a 6’4″ person to not bump into the ceiling. The trekking poles I carried weigh a pound, and are used as the poles for the tent.

Here’s our first, beloved green, Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo on its second to last adventure:

Labor Day weekend 2013, a trip with PCT friends Daybreaker and Seahorse. We camped on the slopes of Luahna. Mount Saul in the background.

We could probably lighten our gear systems and simplify the list below (carrying 101+ items mentally feels like a lot of stuff). But some of the “extras” are carried for safety, such as a robust first aid kit and extra layers. And while I’ve deemed other items luxurious, I’ll be carrying them because they contribute daily to my enjoyment of the trail (both book and pillow are helpful for falling asleep and sleeping well).

My general rule is my pack base weight needs to be less than the weight of our cat.

The Gear List

Function Gear Weight (oz) Where Comment
Electronics Camera 6.9 ALL
Electronics Camera charger 0.8 ALL
Electronics Smartphone 5.2 ALL For journaling and photo loading
Electronics Cell phone 3.6 ALL
Electronics Charger cord 1 ALL
First Aid Bandage ALL
First Aid Gauze ALL
First Aid Tape ALL
First Aid Band-Aids ALL
First Aid Tweezers & scissors ALL
First Aid Neosporin ALL
First Aid Hand warmers ALL
First Aid Benadryl ALL
First Aid Ibuprofen ALL
First Aid Tinidazole for girardia ALL
First Aid Cephalexin for serious infection ALL
First Aid Doxycycline for tick bite/Lyme disease ALL
First Aid Oxycodone for serious injuries ALL
First Aid First aid kit TOTAL 10.5 ALL
Food Hand sanitizer #1 in food bag 0.7 ALL
Food Long spoon 0.6 ALL
Food Orange spoon 0.2 ALL Back up spoon, cause ya never know
Food Blender Bottle ~28 oz volume 4.4 ALL Heavy water container, but it’s also my bowl and “cook system”
Food OPSAK for trash 0.6 ALL
Hydration Platypus 2L 1.4 ALL
Hydration Platypus 2L 1.4 ALL
Hydration Gatorade bottle ~.95L 1.8 ALL
Hydration Platypus sippy tube 1.8 ALL
Hydration Aqua Mira 2.9 ALL
Light Spare light 0.2 ALL
Light Petzel e+LITE 1.1 ALL Switch to Black Diamond Spot for longer nights in Montana or if we decide to start night hiking (weighs 3.3 oz)
Luxury Patagonia Reflip flip flops 6.1 ALL
Luxury Mukmuk the Canadian marmot 2.1 ALL
Luxury Marmot stamp & ink pads 1.5 ALL
Luxury Pillow 0.6 ALL
Luxury Book 5 ALL
Luxury Patagonia Strider shorts 3.7 ALL
Navigation Silva Ranger compass 2.3 ALL
Navigation Maps 1.5 ALL
Navigation Guide info 0.5 ALL
Organization Clothing stuff sack 1.5 ALL
Organization/Food Snack stuff sack 0.7 ALL
Organization/Food Food bag 1 ALL
Organization/Other OPSAK 0.6 ALL
Organization/Repair Kit Stuff sack 0.2 ALL
Organization/Toiletries Grooming stuff sack 0.3 ALL
Organization/Toiletries Toiletries stuff sack 0.5 ALL
Other Sharpie and pencil 0.4 ALL
Other Notepad 2.1 ALL
Other Wallet-ID, cards, $$ 1.1 ALL
Other Bandanna 1.4 ALL
Other Sea to Summit bug net 0.9 Colorado onwards
Pack Pack liner-trash compactor bag 2.4 ALL
Pack Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack 22.7 ALL
Repair Kit Lighter 0.7 ALL
Repair Kit Knife 1.4 ALL
Repair Kit Flagging 0.05 ALL
Repair Kit Duct tape 0.6 ALL
Repair Kit Patch tape 0.6 ALL
Repair Kit Needle & thread 0.2 ALL
Repair Kit Cording 0.7 ALL
Repair Kit Zip ties 0.1 ALL
Shelter Tyvek ground cloth 5.6 ALL
Shelter/Other Black Diamond Mountain trekking poles-modified 16 ALL Not in pack base weight, carrying these
Sleeping/pack frame MEC 0.5 cm evazote sleeping pad (yellow!) 6.1 ALL May switch to 0.25 cm evazote pad & ThermaRest NeoAir XLight-short, this system weighs 10.4 ounces, but is much cushier
Sleeping Sea to Summit ultra-sil dry sack 2.2 ALL Thanks Laura for this bag oh so many years ago!
Sleeping Feathered Friends Hummingbird sleeping bag 25 ALL Thanks friends from CLC/Forterra for this gift in 2011!
Snow CAMP Corsa ice ax 9 Colorado Thanks Carla! I will miss my beloved BD Raven Pro, but appreciate carrying less weight.
Snow/Cold/Rain Patagonia Nano Puff vest 7.3 Colorado, Montana
Snow/Cold/Rain GoLite rain pants 7.8 Colorado, Montana
Toiletries Dental floss 0.2 ALL I will be on a flossing challenge this hike.
Toiletries Hair brush 0.3 ALL
Toiletries Ear plugs (windy times) 0.05 ALL
Toiletries Trowel (SMC tent stake) 1.1 ALL
Toiletries TP 0.4 ALL
Toiletries Nail trimmers 0.5 ALL
Toiletries Tooth brush 0.6 ALL
Toiletries Sunscreen 2.6 ALL
Toiletries Tooth paste 0.8 ALL
Toiletries Hand sanitizer #1 in food bag 2 ALL
Toiletries Hair ties 0.05 ALL
Warmth Montbell UL Thermawrap jacket 7.2 ALL
Warmth Smartwool hat 2.5 ALL Thanks Nathan for finding and delivering the hat to me after I lost it near Red Pass in the Glacier Peak Wilderness!
Warmth Montbell UL windshirt 2.4 ALL
Warmth Campmor fleece mitts 3.6 ALL
Warmth OR Helium jacket 6 ALL
Warmth OR PL 100 gloves 1.5 ALL
Warmth/Sleeping REI balaclava 1.8 ALL
Warmth/Sleeping Patagonia Capilene III tights 5.8 ALL
Warmth/Sleeping Icebreaker 200 long sleeve shirt 7.9 ALL
Warmth/Sleeping Smartwool sleeping socks 1.9 ALL
Wearing Straw hat 2.3 New Mexico
Wearing Watch 0.8 ALL
Wearing Columbia Sportswear long sleeve su nshirt 6.2 ALL Thanks Jeff and Ilana for the great gift!
Wearing Shoes weight varies/pair, max weight 24.4 ALL
Wearing Suncloud sunglasses 1 ALL
Wearing Nylon socks 1 ALL Adding Seal Skin Socks for Gila River and Colorado at Doc Campbell’s
Wearing Patagonia M’s Gi III pants 9.8 ALL
Wearing Exofficio undies 1.1 ALL
Wearing Patagonia sports bra 2.6 ALL
Wearing-Extra Brooks Run Happy running hat 1.8 ALL
Wearing-Extra Socks 1.2 ALL
Weight of all items on list 288.95 18.06 pounds
Base Weight (including luxury items) 199.65 12.48 pounds
Base Weight (no luxury) 180.65 11.29 pounds
Base Weight (in Colorado-including luxury items) 223.75 13.98 pounds
Colorado Extras 24.1 1.51 pounds If needed, snowshoes would add 4 pounds 😛
Luxury Items 19 1.19 pounds
Wearing 65.2 4.08 pounds Includes pole weight (16 oz)


Gracie, 12.3 pounds of fluffy cat greatness. She won't be coming on the trail

Gracie, 12.3 pounds of fluffy cat greatness. She is my benchmark for how much my pack can weigh without food or water.

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