On the road to Ontario

We’re on the Oregon-Idaho border here in Ontario and embracing life on Mountain Daylight Savings Time. Our bus was late getting to Bend, so we rolled into Ontario after dark.

We’ve studied the maps and amazing water updates from DNR. Now all there is to do is get some sleep and make it to the trail.

Gabriel getting back on the bus after a break in Burns.

View out the window of the hills above the Malheur River.

Walking from the bus stop to our motel in the dark. We got to town two hours later than planned. We used our phones as flashlights to be more visible. Alas, running in the dark gear with us for this trip.



I’m not sure what they think of women around here. Dude, women aren’t chattel and she can make her own decisions!


The WinCo Foods (actually a Waremart) in Ontario has an incredible bulk food section. We could hardly contain ourselves!


Mukmuk checked all the boxes!


This is not what it is gonna look like getting water for the next 5 to 45 days. It is an amazing thing to be able to drink clean water from a tap. Sobering to know that not all people in this country have access to clean drinking water from Flint, MI to the Warm Springs Reservation and many places in between.