One more day…

We hadn’t planned on it, but we stayed in Escalante for a second zero day (no miles hiked).

Woke up this morning and assessed how our bodies felt: still tired. Rest more please? So we are.

One of the many wonderful things about the Hayduke, it’s only 800-1,000+ miles. Around two months if one goes thru-hiker style (more Marmot thoughts on this further along the route). We feel we can cover that distance before the wet season starts and we need to get back to Gracie in early June. We are not feeling the pressure of the PCT or CDT to cover 2,600+ miles before the snow returns. So today we rest.

And Escalante is a wonderful place to linger for a day. Compact. Gear shops. One with really good coffee! An organic grocery store. A regular grocery store. A crossroads for interesting people and explorers. And gorgeous views in all directions.

Back to the Hayduke tomorrow!

Day 23: 0 miles, 325.3 miles total. The Prospector Inn, Escalante, UT.

Contemplating buying this fixer upper on Main Street. We like the porch and the single tulip.

Day 23: 0 miles, 325.3 miles total.

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  1. Bubs! says:

    I’m also dreaming about buying that fixer upper! It’s been bookmarked on my computer for a couple months.

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