The charms of Escalante

Getting ready to catch up on blog posts and rest the feet for the afternoon.

We’re in Escalante for a zero day. This is my favorite town in southern Utah! Every one we meet is incredibly nice. And it’s easy to settle into all sorts of interesting conversations.

Escalante also has a small community of people and businesses who support public land protection (yeah Enrique the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance member!!!!) and who buy kale and kombucha. A southern Utah oasis indeed.

Day 22: 0 miles, 325.3 miles total. The Prospector Inn, Escalante, UT.

Mukmuk is enjoying the kale and kombucha from Escalante Mercantile.

We got into town last night JUST in time for dinner. A happy marmot is one with a salad and a beer, after hiking around gorgeous places.

Gabriel celebrates finding a sock he thought he lost in Hanksville. He speculates it got to Escalante via an alternate Hayduke route. Happiness is having three pairs of clean socks.


One thought on “The charms of Escalante

  1. Carrie says:

    I love reading your reports as they whisk me away to another world very different from mine right now. I love your attention to detail and all the flowers and plants that you know and name. What a lovely adventure you guys are having! How very different to be walking on so much slickrock and in a dessert. It looks very fun…though at times a bit nerve-wracking. Enjoy the last bits of your trek. I”m enjoying reading it!!

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