Dark Canyon to the Dirty Devil River

Days on trail: 13, total trail miles: 211.5

More to come on hiking in to the heart of Bears Ears National Monument, crossing the Colorado River for the second time, scrambling up the narrow chimney, and crossing the Dirty Devil River 10 times. It was fun! Things went smoothly and we were surprised at how beautiful places along the route are.

Wrapping up a zero day in Hanksville, where we cleaned up all our gear. Did laundry for the first time in 12 daus and tried to find vegetables.

Tomorrow we hitch back out to the trail and head for the Henry Mountains, Capitol Reef, and eventually out Coyote Gulch to Escalante. Hope to have some posts in 8-9 days!

Crossing the Dirty Devil River as the canyon begins to glow.

The charms of Hanksville.

2 thoughts on “Dark Canyon to the Dirty Devil River

  1. PJ says:

    it appears that the river crossings have not been difficult. Hey you missed a good opportunity to embellish!

    • Marmot says:

      More pictures and details coming! The river crossings have not been a challenge, so far they have been very pleasant and refreshing during warm times of day.

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