Time to degrime

A beautiful morning in Poison Spring Canyon. Delighted by pictographs and the contrast of green cottonwood trees with red Navajo sandstone. We amused ourselves walking up the canyon. 

We also talked about our degriming game plan for ourselves and our gear. Ten days since our last laundry and a proper shower. The dust, sand, and cattle dung of some of those days had us looking forward to a zero day in Hanksville.

Some have said it can be a hard hitch to Hanksville as it’s not a busy stretch of Highway 95. Gabriel got to the road about a minute before me. I counted three cars go by. The last a truck towing a boat. It seemed to slow down. A few minutes later the truck and trailor came back. The guy had turned around for us!

As is often the case with hitching, the people who stop to offer a ride need to make room. He cleared out his seats, offered us sodas and had us on route to town within minutes. 

I didn’t catch his name, but our ride’s dad is a thru-hiker named Griz. He’s hiked the AT, the Arizona Trail, and is currently on the Finger Lakes Trail in New York. 

This guy knew hiking and trails. We didn’t get the usual questions. Instead we talked of Tillamook cheese and salmon fishing. Thank you for the ride son of a thru-hiker! We wish you the best in your upcoming fishing tournament and a great vacation in Oregon this June.

In Hanksville before 1 pm. We got to work on degriming all our gear, picking up packages, finding vegrables, and getting ready for the next leg.

Day 13: 12.4 miles; 211.5 miles total. Poison Spring Canyon bend to Hwy 95. 

GPS: used once to take the canyon; people sighted: three in vehicles on the road into the canyon; roads: it was mostly road and some wash walking.

Morning light in camp.

So much cool rock. Beautiful and delicate formations.

The big horn sheep pictograph – which is noted in our guide book too!

We see a lot of contrails in the sky all day long. I’m somewhat curious to try and guess which airports the planes are coming from.

Getting closer to the Henry Mountains and Hwy 95.

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    • Marmot says:

      Yes, in a tiny fridge in the Hollow Mountain grocery. Broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and celery. Apparently we brought up the selection. It was a surprise. Oh and salads at the Slickrock Grill.

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