Lounging in Grants

Day 22: Grants, NM, zero trail miles, ~400 miles total

Today is a day of rest. Sleeping. Eating. A few errands. Blogging.

Gabriel ate 1.5 pints of ice cream this afternoon. Smart man. While I ran over to the Northwest New Mexico visitor center in hope of finding a lightweight field guide. No real luck. But one new book. Now I’m carrying three. I might have to par down my pack weight in Cuba.

This zero day wasn’t planned, but we got ahead of our schedule again. Only three weeks into the hike, we are still easing our bodies back to trail life. Also,  we decided we were due for a rest where we could really clean up our gear and have easy access to town resources. Grants is perfect for a mellow zero.

Plus, with snow still falling in Colorado, we feel no need to rush north.

Tomorrow we head back to the trail. We have about 111 miles and 5 days to get to Cuba, NM.

2 thoughts on “Lounging in Grants

  1. Laura Harper says:

    I’m loving the blog! Your descriptions are beautiful depictions of all that you describe. It also sounds like you’re having a good time! Yay!!!

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