A quiet morning in Pie Town

Day 18: Pie Town, NM to a to be determined spot further north, ~315 miles total

Woke to sunlight filling the cedar paneled room upstairs at the Toaster House. The windows look out to pinyon and juniper forest to the west and north, in the distance, I can see the peaks we will climb in a few days.

With fewer hikers at the Toaster House this morning is much more mellow than yesterday. If yesterday was an industrious work day. This morning is fittingly a relaxed Saturday. Hikers chat in the kitchen over coffee about the usual topics: Food on trail. Food in town. Making resupply boxes. The newest craze in trail beverages (folks seem to like caffeine-boosted Crystal Light, which I’ve never heard of until this trip). Miles. The section we just hiked. The section we will hike.

Gabriel and I are taking it easy this morning and will stop by the Pie-O-Neer to say goodbye to Kathy and Stan before we walk out of town. Such warm wonderful people. They have a place in our hearts.

One of the many beautiful aspects about life in Pie Town is that the people we have met intentionally seek out the community. They are happy to be here. They are neighborly and gracious. When folks walk into a restaurant and see a familiar face they take the time to stop by, say hello, and genuinely hear how one is doing. When I sit in coffee shops in Seattle and surrounding areas I don’t think I here the same neighborly conversation. Certainly not as often. I realize there are many reasons for this. Mostly I am grateful that people here don’t speak in sound bites or seem hurried.

As much as hiking the CDT is about the trail and the country it travels to and through, for me, hiking along the Continental Divide is also about meeting people who live in the communities along or near the trail. To understand what life is like in a different part of America. I am grateful to be walking.

Aside: There are a backlog of posts that should turn up when we get to Grants in 3-4 days. I’ve had a few technical snafus between wireless connections and technology. I plan to be caught up soon enough in trail time.

And happy early Mother’s Day to all the mom’s I know and love. Especially mine!

6 thoughts on “A quiet morning in Pie Town

  1. Mary (Lindsay's/ Marmot'S Mom) says:

    Happy to know you had a “zero day” in Pie Town. Love you bunches …Happy Trails ♡

  2. Sarah says:

    The trail culture of the CDC sounds a bit closer to Tanzanian culture than Seattle culture:) Stop, greet, talk, time is not chop chop.

  3. Lori Montgomery says:

    What a wonderfully named place…Pie Town. So did you have any pie while you were there? Really enjoying your blog, thanks for taking the time to share with all of us.

  4. Susan says:

    I just learned that there is a town called “Pie Town”. The world is a wonderful place.

  5. Joerg Zuend says:

    Marmot, I just wanted to let you know that Roadrunner is in Grants at the Sands Motel. At 35 dollar a night it is nice. They also do Laundry. I injured my shin and will take myself off the trail for a couple of days here in Grants. See you up trail should I catch up after that.

  6. Brian says:

    Mmmmm, Pie….hopefully you find a good IPA with that as well! Great blog, baffled how you can type all of this and organize all pics on a smart phone. Keep it up, it’s fun to travel with both of you 🙂

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