Walking through Klickitat Country

PCT miles 2155.1 to 2281 – Bridge of the Gods to Campsite near East Fork of Cispus River – Total PCT miles 2281

As we entered the high meadows with close up views of the White Salmon and Pinnacle Glaciers we encountered two backpackers at a trail junction. When asked if we were thru-hikers, we said yes. We took their response to heart, “You’re almost there.” Such affirming words, a benediction of sorts for the thru-hiker with 400 miles to go. This was the first time Gabriel and I had someone tell us, we were nearly finished with the trail.

Nothing is guaranteed. Many things could happen that would cut short our plan of reaching Manning (though we don’t dwell on the possibilities). We shall not take the next 400-some miles and weeks for granted. But the words of this backpacker gave us pause to reflect that yes we had walked a long way and that, by comparison, we did not have much farther to go.

On this afternoon we are relaxed and lingering as we walk up into Klickitat Country. For more than a week, we’ve seen the massive bulk of Adams rising in the distance. Now on its western flank we have magnified views of the glaciers; scale is hard to discern. It feels good to be so close to a mountain, to study the features of rock and ice, to walk amid abundant flowering meadows on its shoulders, to cross the icy streams of glacial melt water.

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