Day 1 on the ODT in pictures

September 5, 2019, day 1

Lake Owyhee State Park to North Sheephead Spring, ~9.3 miles

Gabriel’s Day 1 pictures are here.

Sharing a few pictures and videos that I took with my camera and didn’t have easy access to while we were on trail.


It looks dry up there! Views of the Owyhee Uplands as we hike up an old road away from the water of Lake Owyhee reservoir.


Sunflowers and sun umbrellas.


Taking a baring as cross country navigation begins.


Cross country striding with portable shade. It’s not hard walking but we are having to keep our eyes open for biocrust, rattlesnakes, trippy volcanic lava rocks (a reminder of the processes that formed the Owyhee Uplands).


The first barbed wire fence of the trail


Almost there!


Beautiful vistas – including Three Fingers Rock near Succor Creek.


Clean cold water from Rookie Canyon Spring.


A change in the sky as we head toward Sheephead Ridge. Wonder what’s on the other side.


The other side of Sheephead Ridge. Where is that storm system going? Time to get low.


Rain drops falling on the tent and not on our heads.


Our camp has the cow stamp of approval. Oh the smell of wet old cow pies.

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