Grand Canyon bound

Hope to share the fun of the last few days at some point. Our zero day in Kanab got filled up with good food, postcards, Gabriel read The Monkey Wrench Gang. Good ol’ Hayduke is fresh in his mind. 

It also involved a BBQ with our motel managers, Don and Cassi, of the Sun’N’Sand. They are from Ballard! The SNS is a special place.

Rather than peck away at my phone, we hung out with them, Don’s mom (Cindy), brother Dan, and friends. It was a leisurely night and fun to talk with folks and learn what all brought us to Kanab, Utah on May 5th.

Next leg is about 8 days and 120 some miles down into the Grand Canyon. 

I sure hope this is 8 days of food.

Gabriel is marking our maps with Grand Canyon NP zones, so we can sync our camps with our permit.

Mukmuk wrote a lot of postcards.

BBQ time at the Sun’N’Sand. Thanks Don and Cassi!

One thought on “Grand Canyon bound

  1. Bonnie Deal says:

    Love your photos and words. Mukmuk has excellent taste in postcard art. Jackrabbits have wonderful long ears. The rock formations are incredible. Have a great hike, keep safe, love you guys!

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