A Tropic-al rest day

Yesterday on the road walk into Cannonville and Tropic we drafted a list of criteria for when to take a zero day. (We have fun with checklists.)

Criteria include: how we feel physically and mentally, days since the last zero, errands to take care of, town vibe, oh and the weather.

We added that last one as we walked down a bench with views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Dark clouds and a storm cell above the Paunsaugunt Plateau that was plastering the rock and trees with rain and snow. Today’s forecast called for a low of 24 (down here in town). Brrr… Tipped the scales for taking a rest day in Tropic. So here we are.

This afternoon we’ve watched a mild hailstorm and a few snow flurries from our motel room window. Fine to be out in. But all the better to be warm and resting up in comfort and taking care of digital errands.

While not the oasis of Escalante, Tropic is very compact and convenient. The PO is next to the coffee shop (with super nice proprietors and beautiful postcards). The grocery store has spinach, sparkling water, and kombucha (at $5.49, we only purchased one, but gotta support the concept). The closest restaurant to our motel has waffles and veggie stuffed omelettes.

In all, a good, warm spot to rest.

Day 31: 0 miles; 465.3 miles total. Best Value Inn in Tropic, Utah.

Thanks Wyatt and Dalton for the seaweed!

Mukmuk enjoying guacamole, at last! – Wanted some since looking afar at the house boat scene of Lake Powell; 160 miles ago.

Super happy to get a new toothbrush and special cat and hippo flossers in our resupply packages. Thanks Boni!