A day of many colors

Red walls in early morning. Peach, gold, and gray walls in late morning. Yellow, orange and coral slick rock for lunch. Purple, pink, mauve, red stripped hills for the afternoon. Red mudstone for the evening.

More to come from walking down Hackberry Canyon, up and over Yellow Rock, and up the Paria River.

Day 29: 21.7 miles; 441.7 miles total. Bend of Hackberry Canyon south of Stone Donkey to Paria River halfway between Snake Creek and Deer Creek.

GPS: not needed; people sighted: 8 hikers out for day hikes; roads: none, but we were close to one and there is an OHV track up the Paria.

Overlooking a bend of Hackberry Canyon.

Scarlet gila

Red walls.

Hackberry Canyon cottonwood groves.

Watson’s cabin. The BLM and Grand Staircase-Escalante Partners are working on restoring this historic cabin.

Now is a critical time. The GSENM needs citizens to express how much they value this national monument, Bears Ears NM, and others.

Breakfast time view.

A cow stamp of approval in lower Hackberry. Reminder to double filter our water. Gabriel has an idea for a photography series: “Beef in the wilderness”. (And nope, he doesn’t mean our CDT friend Stumbling Beef.)

Lichen on sandstone, such beautiful details on the canyon walls.

Last bends of Hackberry.

View of Yellow Rock!

Up the slickrock Gabriel goes.

Paintbrush in a seam, one of my favorite sights of the last few days.

Looking east to the colorful Navajo sandstone formations above Hackberry Canyon – from the slope of Yellow Rock.

Mukmuk likes high points with orange and yellow rock and the Grand Staircase beyond.

Descending toward The Box canyon of the Paria River.

The colorful Chinle layers of the Calico Hills along Paria River.

Old cow pies are good for something.

Overland through Paria country on an OHV/stock track.

Crossing the Paria River… again.

Cones and domes. Navajo sandstone on top of the Kayenta formation.

More Paria River crossings. The canyon is stunning in evening light.