In love with Lower Muley Twist Canyon

A wonderful, beautiful, relaxing day. We got to our cache. Got food and water. Then hiked into Lower Muley Twist Canyon. Gabriel and I were delighted by the red rock, smooth slickrock, desert varnish and giant alcoves. Juniper growing out of small seams. Lush shady cottonwoods and box elder. Vibrant colored wildflowers! 

This is a place we want to come back to and linger longer. Explore more. Observe the changing colors and shadows of the canyon. 

The narrowing canyon walls and cave like alcoves delighted our senses. The soaring walls had us stopping and staring up. The Circle Cliffs peeking up behind the canyon had us curious. 

After about 10 miles of meandering through Lower Muley Twist, we walked through a wide slot of the Waterpocket Fold to the Grand Gulch side and camped by Muley Tanks. 

Beautiful day and introduction to Capitol Reef NP and the Waterpocket Fold. We are smitten with the gorgeous rock. In love with this park, that Gabriel could hardly remember the name of a week ago.

Cowboy camp under juniper. While eating dinner above the tanks (large potholes in the slickrock) we enjoy one of my favorite times of day: the shift from swallows weaving through the air to bats fluttering about. The frogs are in full symphony. 

I am so grateful we are here.

Day 18: 15.9 miles; 273.4 miles total. Arm of Swap Canyon to Muley Tanks.

GPS: not needed; people sighted: we saw and talked to one backpacker enjoying the canyon shade and reading a book, he is brilliant to linger here; roads: a couple miles up the awesome Burr Trail!

Morning light on the Waterpocket Fold and Burr Trail.

Near the entry of Lower Muley Twist Canyon.

Such cool slickrock!

Admiring a tiny slot canyon in this cave-like pocket.

Coming out of a narrow spot in the canyon.

Brilliant Zion vetchling found all along the canyon bottom.

Mukmuk liked the little pockets in the side of the slickrock.

Gabriel in the alcove with boulder ruble like a cave. The wash/path just goes right behind it. So amazing. 

Collecting water at the Muley Tanks.

Dinner time view of Halls Creek Mesa.


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  1. Elle says:

    I’ve been there! So many moons ago, but this brings back fond memories. I did Grand Gulch with my dog at the time. 1982!

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