On the road

From Seattle to Portland to Salt Lake to the Hayduke. That’s the plan. Part road trip, part mission, part pure function. There’s so many places we’d like to stop along the way.

I think about what our friend Sourdough from the PCT said, “If it only takes 15 minutes, check it out!” But with all we need to take care of before we start walking and all we’ve packed in, we haven’t been able to make every stop – and friends are scattered all about the cities and interstates that connect the West. We’ll just have to come back.

We did get to make a few stops along the way and take in some beautiful sights from the car (perhaps Mr. Abbey would beg to differ). Family dinner in Portland combined with delivering resupply packages, celebrating Olivia’s birthday, and sharing pictures from Tanzania. A stop in Logan to see a good friend from CFR days and meet a new one with shared trails. Dinner and stay in Salt Lake City with beloved soulmate of the mountains, ponderosa, and deserts… oh and buying a shovel. And then we reached Hurricane, Utah and got in the mode of emptying our car of its buckets and packages so we could get on the Hayduke.

Family walk to dinner in Portland, in the rain. Happy birthday Miss Olivia!

On I-84, catching the sunset as we head east. Looking forward to the next two months of sunsets, where we soak them in at 0 mph vs 70 mph.


Getting to see Dr. Jim Lutz of big tree and permanent plot fame and Ryan Choi of the Hayduke and other long trails! Thank you both for your time on a rainy Saturday. Talking forests, data, conservation, trail, and wild lands.


Gabriel, me, and Ryan, say, “Hi Ben!”

On the outskirts of Zion. Time to start caching!