First day of Summer in Salida

Day 60: Monarch Pass to a yet to be determined destination

Morning in Salida. Gray. Overcast. Our first cloudy morning in Colorado. Most mornings are bright blue and crisp with golden sunshine melting away the frost. How fitting for the first day of summer. It feels more like home in the Pacific Northwest.

At the recommendation of Jodi from Shallots, I’m enjoying some time at a local bakery with gigantic raspberry oat bars. What can I say? I am a sucker for bakeries and interpretive signs. Must stop at all of them whose path I cross. This bakery, Sweeties, has excellent coffee, breakfast burritos, and the berry bar…? I’ll try out up on the trail this afternoon.

Salida is a former railroad town turned tourist destination with its access to skiing, water sports, and motorized access to high elevations. A mix characteristic of the West. Cowboy boots with ropers and Patagonia plaid shirts. Carharts and suspenders worn genuinely, not by an ironic hipster. Pugs in the front seats of Silverados. Hardware store employees making deliveries via bicycle. People say good morning to you as you walk down the street.

In the bakery, the conversations of locals and tourists are a mix. What are snow conditions up high? Estimates of business for this season. Plans for the next beer fest. Deciding whether to take the Beemer to meet up for the horseback riding session.

Locals are relaxed, sometimes a little rough around the edges. Tourists are perfectly manicured and seem in a hurry. As hikers, we seem to fit in more with the locals. They know about the CDT and are friendly to us often smelly, somewhat scruffy trail folk. Most tourists look at us and wonder how can a homeless person afford to buy so much food at a bakery, a restaurant or where have you.

I find I am enjoying aspects of every town along the trail. People. Food. Drink. The general vibe. Attraction of aesthetic outdoor destinations. Maybe it’s the small town community feel where folks know their neighbors and that everyone depends on one another to get by.

There is something to love about every mile and trail stop along the CDT.

Time to head back up to the trail.

Photos and the backlog of blog entries to come in another 120+ miles.

3 thoughts on “First day of Summer in Salida

  1. Alicia says:

    Lindsay! I have gotten your postcards, Andy and I are always excited to get those from you guys. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, I am so happy for you two. Keep being awesome and living the dream! I was just thinking about you and the afterwork hikes this time of year, I’ll try to keep the tradition without you here. Looking forward to more pictures and stories.
    I have a few for you guys as well when you get home. I made my escape from forestry.

  2. lizjohnston22 says:

    Lindsay, you continue to impress me! You beautifully capture life on the trail and it lovely to get your updates as you make your way north. Sending my love.

  3. as14uw says:

    So excited for you guys! I have been getting your postcards, and always welcome surprise. I have big news for you when you get back home, I made it off the “B” team 🙂 I’ll fill you in later. Keep having a wonderful time and enjoying your adventure!

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