Livin’ in Chama time

Day 37: Chama, NM, 0 miles, ~640 miles total

Summer is indeed coming to the lowlands (7,800 feet). The lilacs are blooming, the trees are new spring green and the hummingbirds fly busily about. The tourist shops are readying to plant their flower beds for another season. You can smell freshly mowed lawns. I see young girls climb trees and little boys play with chickens in their yards. But summer isn’t here yet and it is certainly not in the mountains.


Lilacs near the Post Office.

Today we rest. Eat up. Finish trail errands. Talk with other hikers. Enjoy the charms of Chama.


And make plans for the next leg to Wolf Creek Pass and Pagosa Springs.

As of now, we are holding off on getting back on the trail for a few days. For one, we are waiting for our snowshoes to arrive (thank you Boni!). More critical, we want avalanche conditions to mellow out. This means waiting for the next cycle of thunderstorms to pass through and a few warm days for snow to slide or melt. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center report warns of wet and loose slabs likely for the next few days.

We’d rather not have to factor avalanche risks into our hike. It doesn’t hurt us to wait a few days, there’s plenty of snow the further north we go on the CDT. It all needs summer sun and warmth to come and melt it out.

We will be less hurried, and for now, live in Chama time, especially as we have a birthday party to get too! It’s Voyageur’s birthday and we need to finda his favorite ice cream (cherry chocolate chip).