Lounging around Lordsburg

Day 5: Lordsburg, 0 miles, about 85 miles total

Since we got into Lordsburg ahead of schedule, it is time to rest. Let our bodies ease back into walking 12-plus hours a day.

Town day. Time to lounge. Do as little physical activity as possible. This is a rather difficult task for me to do; I’m not used to having much down time. Fortunately, I have Gabriel to learn from! He is a champion lounger.

This is where and how Gabriel spent much of the day. I think he got up to eat.

imageGabriel putting as much effort into resting as possible. He’s an excellent instructor. /caption]

With so many people out on the CDT this year (there are an estimated 150 NOBOs and SOBOs total), staying at the Econolodge feels like we are back to PCT culture. Lots of hikers around, at least 20 here today. Including another Marmot from Seattle! She is very, very nice.

Tomorrow we set out for Silver City. We’ll get our last taste of this desert and then meet the storied Gila National Forest. Home once to Aldo Leopold, wolves, and Pueblo people. Home now to the first designated wilderness in the US.

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  1. Garfunkel says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories, Marmot. Your blog really gets me pumped up for next summer. Good luck out there and say hi to Roo. Garfunkel

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