Watching the desert and clouds roll by

After years of thinking about hiking the CDT it feels satisfying and calming to be on route to the trail. So much effort and momentum has gone into getting ready for this hike. And now we’re sitting back on the bus as it travels east on I-10.

For most of the ride our eyes are drawn out the big picture windows to the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts.


As we started out from Tuscon, the bus traveled through country of rolling washes with saguaro, ocotillo, and mesquite. With 3000-foot peaks behind and blue skies and cumilous clouds above. Sonoran Desert scenes.

Somewhere on the ride while-we reviewed maps and partook of digital distractions-we transitioned desert ecoregions. Near the eastern border of Arizona the landscape changes to desert scrub of creosote bush and yuccas. Chihuahuan desert lands. The ecosystem we will be walking through for the next week.

We watch the cloud shadows shift the light on the desert floor. Gabriel reads. I blog. We look out at and up at the gentle mountains and pick out ridges and lines that would make for fun routes.

It is good to have this time to observe. To quiet the mental chatter and be present.