Operation deliver resupply boxes a success

This evening Mukmuk and I left Seattle around 8 pm heading south on I-5. Sometimes a northward journey requires one to travel south for a ways.

I admired the sunset over the Olympics in fleeting glances as we merged over to the slow lane. Grateful to have a view. The right lane is a good place to be when your car is full of boxes to supply two people for 1,500 miles.

We made it to Vancouver (the other Vancouver) before 11 and had the boxes unpacked and ordered for mailing by midnight. Done!

It felt good to step out on the porch on a warm night, breath deeply of air sweet with blossoms and the promise of summer. To take a minute and admire the stars.

Our CDT hike is transitioning from a stack of index cards and spreadsheets, soon it will be steps on the trail.


Mukmuk amid the city of resupply boxes.

4 thoughts on “Operation deliver resupply boxes a success

  1. Sneaky Elf says:

    Have such an amazing time, beloved friends! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for safe travels and lots of cool wildlife & vegetation to observe.

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