2 thoughts on “Getting ready for the next trail

  1. Glenn & Carol Pitcairn says:

    Marmot, Wired mentioned your blog and we hope you don’t mind us adding you to our blog listing and following your hikes. We hike a lot here in Southern Oregon and started our own hiking blog @ tablerocktrekker.blogspot.com We enjoy following fellow Oregonians and other hikers. Look forward to following you this year if that is ok. Feel free to visit our site anytime, but our hikes are typically just day hikes.

    • Marmot says:

      Glenn and Carol, hello and lovely to meet you. I shall greet you with the happy whistle of a marmot. I would be honored if you added marmotsadventures to your list of blogs to follow. I can’t say that I am as prolific as Wired in my posting, but I hope I can share stories, perspectives and the inspiration we all tend to feel when we are back at our computers but take comfort that fellow kindred spirits are out there enjoying the trails. I’ll look forward to checking out your blog too! Southern Oregon forests and mountains are spectacular; alas growing up on the north-end of the state I didn’t explore the area as much as I should. I will be updating the CDT blog here in the next few weeks! We just finished 80% of our boxes, so now that the big chore is finished, I can get on to the fun part. Happy trails! – Marmot

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