Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass

PCT miles 2401.7 to 2476.3 – Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass – Total PCT miles 2476.3

Sunday morning we woke to drenching rains and puddles in the Summit Inn parking lot. Classic Snoqualmie Pass weather. This would be the wet day, but the forecast promised the clouds and rain would abate tomorrow. Umbrellas up. Rain gear on. Time to start hiking.

Gabriel and I had extra motivation this morning to leave the warm confines of our dry motel room: A Friend with Cookies! Our friend Kevin-who we’d last seen the night of his wedding on the eve of our hike-was delivering cookies that his bride, Stacy, had baked for us. Stacy’s cookies are always scrumptious. Delicious. From the recipe cards of her grandmother or a tried and true cookbook.

Mossman-as Kevin is known on the trail-was at the trail head. He had a spread of Noah’s bagels and cream cheese waiting for us. And he kindly shared the magic with hikers Zm and Goodness who were also heading up the trail. We could all use the extra calories and motivation on this wet September Sunday. It was time to hike up to the Kendall Catwalk and into the ups and downs of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

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2 thoughts on “Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass

  1. B says:

    I see when you posted this, but what time of year did you hike section J? late September? How was the weather and how many days did it take you? Thanks!

    • Marmot says:

      Hi there! We hiked from Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass over September 18-20. So three days at approximately 25 miles per day. We had classic Snoqualmie Pass weather the first day (lots of rain, mist and clouds). The last two days were partly sunny and golden. A great finish to summer.

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