Northbound once more

Good morning from Medford and PCT mile 1726.6!

Gabriel and I will be getting back on the trail in a few hours to hike the remaining ~430 or so miles of Oregon. If all goes according to plan, we hope to be drinking beer milkshakes at the Edgefield McMenamins around Labor Day!

We are excited to be northbound once more, in Oregon and hiking through familiar country with the perspective of having traveled many miles by foot to get here.

We’re also excited that when we look at our maps, we’ll know what mileage we’re at! Instead of having to do a little math (though math is awesome) to figure out our trail miles:
790.2 (Kearsarge Pass) + 1726.6 (Ashland) – X mile wherever we are now = Total PCT miles we’ve hiked.

Now it’s simple: Oh, we’re at mile 1859? Great! That’s how far we’ve hiked.

The world of the PCT really is special and I’m constantly amazed at the serendipity it evokes. “Chance encounters” with people you’ve connected with on the trail or in non-trail life occur more often than one would think.

As one delightful hiker/retired school teacher told me: det er godt og vakkert. That’s, “It is good and beautiful” in Norwegian. The teacher was referring to the view of Round Mountain rising above the valley below and the hillside of abundant wildflowers we were all walking through at the time on a blue sky day in early August. He was one of 30-some hikers from the Hightown Hikers a group out of Placerville, CA. The hikers ranged from 55 to 80+ years in age and they were hiking the PCT in the vicinity of Carson Pass to admire the beautiful wildflowers and volcanic mountains that stretch through this part of the Sierras. So inspiring and delightful to have met this group of hikers who get out every  Thursday. And I have to agree, the trail and life on it, is good and beautiful.

Now it’s time for a waffle and to finish packing up.  The rest of Oregon, here we come!

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