Good morning from Honker Pass

PCT miles 1265.4 to 1245 – Honker Pass at Williams Lake to Ridge south of the Middle Fork for the Feather River – Total PCT miles 1271.8

The geese have just taken off from their nightly resting spot here at Honker Pass. They gave a few calls as they fly out of the willow and corn lily meadow, going eastward to some favorite feeding grounds. A few of us hikers are up (it is 6:30 after all, time for many of us to start walking or already be walking), but several hikers are still asleep on the deck. Deck? Yes, you just read the word deck.

We are all at the home of the incredible trail angels, the Williams family. Nancy and Terry have been feeding hikers for the last few years and do they ever put on a feast! Last night’s meal of chicken, ribs, a salad of home grown tomatoes and cucumbers (vegetables ripen in the Sacramento Valley vs the cool Northwest), homegrown sauteed zucchini, baked potatoes and many other delights. They know how to feed hikers around here and we were all surprised and delighted to enjoy this generous and so appreciated trail magic.

This is a very special and memorable place. All the more so for Gabriel and me, as we have the serendipitous good fortune to stop at Honker Pass as the same time as Rocklocks and Mr. Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been so WONDERFUL to have a night with them and Holden, and Mowgli (who’s trail register entries we’ve loved for miles), Quake, Unload (BTW, thanks for all the Via!) and Samurai and Kahtoola.  We’ve shared stories, sang songs around the camp fire and enjoyed a beautiful night under the stars.

Nancy’s just informed us that breakfast is ready, so I hope to fill in the rest of this post someday (and do all the others I’m back logged on to). Today we headed toward the Middle Fork of the Feather River and making our way to Sierra City and the Sierras.

Happy trails!

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