Reaching 1000 miles

PCT miles 1606.3 to 1506.5 – Etna Summit  to Castle Crags – Total PCT miles 1010.3

Let’s see what I can do in 8 minutes at the Shasta internet cafe. Greetings from mile 1010.3 of Marmot and Roo’s PCT adventure. We are in the wonderful town of Mount Shasta City this morning where there are lovely natural food stores, great beers, super nice people at all the gear shops, and amazing views of a 14,179-foot volcano. This is the type of town one could enjoy for a long time.

Like many Cascades volcanoes, Mt. Shasta can hide in the clouds or be out in full snowy glacier clad glory. The last few days its been mostly hiding in the clouds as we’ve wandered around the Klamath mountains’ Trinity Range. We left Etna on Monday morning and were anticipating lots of snow for the next 99.8 miles. We were pleasantly surprised to have a beautiful mostly snow-free section of trail, with only a few wind loaded slopes.

Soon we’ll be picked up by our friends Justin and Li An to head to Dunsmuir for a late breakfast and then we’ll hit the trail to head south to Burney.

Happy trails.

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