Seiad Valley pancake challenge

Total PCT miles 854.7 – Seiad Valley Cafe

Before leaving for the trail my friends and colleagues at Cascade Land Conservancy gave me an AWESOME bon voyage gift: The Seiad Valley Pancake Challenge!

An endeavor popular with some PCTers who have cultivated ravenous appetites over 1600+ miles. The challenge is for a single person to eat FIVE POUNDS of pancakes in about two hours. Keep in mind that a person walking 30 miles a day can be well fed with two pounds of food. You start to get a sense of how much pancake comes to the table.

Knowing our eating limitations, Gabriel and I shared a plate of Seiad Valley Pancake Challenge pancakes. Each cake weighs in at 1 pound. We weren’t serious about eating all of the pancakes and to keep ourselves in check we ordered and drank chocolate peanut butter milkshakes beforehand. (The milkshakes were delicious by the way!)  We delighted in our pancakes. So fluffy, so buttery, so delicious.

Alas, we could hardly finish a single pancake apiece. But we have no shame, we are happy to say we lived to tell others about this gastronomical challenge.  Those fluffy cakes are worth a visit to Seiad Valley and the charming cafe.

Even after one pancake, our first six, HOT, miles out of Seiad Valley were a little painful.  We needed to take three naps over the course of the afternoon. We made it a 20-mile day all the same.

Many BIG thanks to Liz, Hayes, Jodie, Kristina, Taylor, Andrea, Erin, Bonnie, Ryan, and other awesome friends for such a memorable gift.

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