Zero day in Kennedy Meadows

Total PCT miles 702.8 – Kennedy Meadows General Store and Tom’s Place

Today’s zero day is all about lounging, eating and getting packed up for the next 6 days in the Sierra. Not having to cram 12 days of food into our packs sure made the pack stuffing easier this morning. Still, we spent the better part of four hours sorting our gear, food and getting everything in its place.

I’m pleased to report that our packs are not going to be unbearably heavy for our snowy walk, trek up Whitney (if conditions allow) and hike over Forester Pass-the highest point along the PCT. My pack weighs in at 35 pounds and Gabriel’s weighs in at 38 pounds. Not the lightest packs on the trail, but definitely not the heaviest either.

Hikers all around us have been resting up, eating up and gearing up for the last few days. Some stay around KM just long enough to get their resupply package and burgers. Others find KM to be a vortex for lounging or ameloriating their woes about the Sierra snow. For us, a day and half to visit with friends, eat, for Gabriel to play guitar, eat some more, pack, wash laundry and update some part of this trail journal is just the right amount of time. To avoid the “vortex” syndrome of sticking around a trail town too long, tonight we are going to walk back to the trail and camp along the South Fork of the Kern.

It’s been a great rest day and time spent in trail angel Tom’s solar powered cyber cafe.

High Sierra’s, here we come!

NB: Should be adding photos and an entry or two once we make it to Independence, CA…in about 6 days (June 23).

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