Walker Pass Trail Magic!

PCT miles 631.4 to 651.4 – Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass Campground – Total PCT miles 651.4

Today we hiked 20 miles before 2:30 to seek out the trail magic of Walker Pass. It’s amazing that a hiker can be so motivated by the promise of a soda or cookie. It drives us to hike those extra miles we’d otherwise defer. It makes those miles mentally easier. Getting to trail magic is reward in itself having willed one’s body to overcome fatigue or strain, to up the anti and succeed in the desired goal of more miles. Mental achievements aside, it’s the food and drink that are the primal delight of trail magic.

We’d heard rumor of the Walker Pass trail magic from other hikers for nearly 100 miles. If we timed it right, it was possible we’d be able to get to the magic and meet Yogi! Well, we missed her by about an hour, but were delighted to meet Okie Girl and Warner Springs Monty.

Thank you fellow PCTers-now trail angels-for hosting a delicious FEAST of good food. It came to us at a most needed motivational time after several days of heavy packs and water carries. So good to make new friends and relish in the life of being thru-hikers.