Luxury on the PCT: Zero day at a hotsprings

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Total PCT miles 109.1 – Warner Springs Guest Ranch

Life on the PCT is “pretty rough”, let me tell you. Hiking during the day through beautiful landscapes, lounging in shady places, meeting interesting people and eating Nutella.

Today we are staying at the Warner Springs Ranch for a second night for what’s called a “zero day”. A zero day is a day of rest, when a hiker walks zero miles. In town, a zero day is a time to eat non-trail food, do laundry, stay off your feet and let your body recover from the hiking its been doing for the last few days.

In Warner Springs it’s a luxurious experience! The ranch is very friendly and supportive of the PCT hiker community, providing discounted rates and the amenities that hikers need to prepare for the next leg of their journey. Think typical trail fair, assorted ice creams, first aid supplies and fuel for stoves. And of course there is time for soaking and floating in the 104 degrees (F) hot springs mineral pool! Today we’ve been soaking in the pool, meeting fellow hikers, napping, reading, and eating some hearty meals. Tomorrow morning we’ll set out again, heading for Idyllwild about 70 miles north of here.

Many thanks to our friend “Farmer John” for taking this picture of “For Now”, Gabriel and me (now known as “Marmot”).