Step 1: Set up a trail journal


Welcome to the trail journal of Lindsay’s and Gabriel’s wanderings on the Pacific Crest Trail. Thanks for coming by for a read.

Inquiring minds have been asking, “Will you keep a journal?” The answer is indeed, “Yes!”

More to come here soon, but I am pleased to give a half-check mark to this “to-do” in the ol’ prep for the PCT check list. Looking forward to this PCT hiking becoming more than rows and columns on a spreadsheet. Also looking forward to writing about the usual prep stuff: food, training, gear, why we’re doing this, dream research questions (transect of squirrel abundance!, elevation gradients of Pinus species, where are the best milkshakes, which trail towns offer local beers, how long does a 2 lb block of cheese last in the desert), land conservation/management, etc.

Check back here in a few weeks.

Lindsay, soon to be known as Marmot

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